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Blue Ribbon Stainless is the finished result after years of looking for stainless solutions that made sense.

Having worked with stainless for many years in the hospitality industry, we knew the styles and sizes that worked, but were often faced with unhelpful service providers with little or no experience of the demands in a busy kitchen.

When we finally found suitable products, the price simply boggled us.

Why was stainless so expensive?

That’s where Blue Ribbon steps up… quality products at sensible prices.

We know too well that the set up of your stainless benches and sinks are only one cost area when setting up your ideal work space. So we did it. We created a range that will impress the eye, but also delight your accountant.

No corners cut, 304 grade, heavy duty stainless steel benches, sinks and accessories.

304 grade stainless

no corners cut. our benches are spray sealed with an epoxy coating for added durability. 1.6mm stainless.

adjustable undershelf and feet

your undershelf can be placed anywhere along the run of the leg, meaning you can purchase additional levels to complete your unique fit out. There is also 25mm adjusment in the feet to help with those pesky uneven floors.

welded underbody

all of the blue ribbon stainless benches/sinks have a galvanised backing plate underneath to improve strength.

make it mobile

Benches can also be fitted with braked castors to turn your static bench in to a mobile option.

our underbench drawers can be mounted under any of our dry benches in multiple locations. available in a single drawer configuration. each bench includes pre welded mounting studs under the bench top for easy installation.

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